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A sunny summer for the Americans in France ! Not only for Lance Armstrong, who is once again doing a great performance in the Tour de France, but also for all the American travelers who have chosen to visit France this summer.
In the friendly and emotional climate created by the 60th D-Day anniversary, a special welcome for our American friends has blossomed everywhere : Normandy, of course seems to be the favorite of the year in addition to Paris, Provence, the Alps and Burgundy. Alsace has also planned some great events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the man who created the Statue of Liberty or, to be more specific, the two statues of Liberty : the great one Liberty illuminating the world on Ellis Island and its smaller sister located in Paris next to the Pont de Grenelle.
France welcomes American travelers to bask under the summer sun and receive great deals : numerous hotels, restaurants and leisure resorts are giving special offers which make the Euro/Dollar rate much more affordable and enables them to discover the diversity of our country.
Bienvenue en France !

Did you see our firm's President  John Hazelton on
ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings

regarding travel and tourism to France!
(Taping interview completed today (04Jun03)
subject to editing/time restrictions at time of airing by ABC)

(With our Deepest Sadness 07 Aug08)
-The Paris Plus Employees and Mgt.


Also, John had a fascinating interview with Tom Crosby of VOICE OF AMERICA  (VOA) recently covering three distinct areas of interest to this worldwide audience ); airing at various times beginning May 16; and re-broadcasts.

 * French-American Business Relations (post Iraq War)
*  France-American Political Relations (post Iraq War)
* Travel and Tourism Trends to France/
Airline Capacity/Restructuring

VOA has indicated that additional interviews with John on similar France/European stories will be forthcoming. VOA broadcasts to 94 million people around the world and is broadcast, via radio, satellite, and the internet in 50 languages.

Mr. Hazelton was recently presented with the prestigious "Chevalier de la Rose" award from the French-American Chamber of Commerce (Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter) at their May 16th "La Vie en Roses Gala" annual event. This award was presented to Hazelton by the Chamber in recognizing him as a founder, six-term President of the Chamber and his on-going efforts in promoting US and French business, trade, political and tourism relations.

As well, Le Monde (France's Leading Daily Newspaper) interviewed John regarding tourism and travel trends to France from North America on February 19...followed on the 20th of February by a live interview on Radio France (the French version of the BBC). Radio topics included "France Bashing", economic impact on travel & tourism v.a.v. French-American relations, etc.
"Intellectually, the French were absolutely fascinated by the concept of the "freedom fries" phenomenon!", stated Hazelton.


Paul Carlson

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Listen for Our President on the CBS Affiliates Radio Stations around the Country... "THE TRAVEL SHOW" with CERIE SEGAL & John Hazelton, President of Paris Plus LIVE....Station KRLD 1080 ....LIVE

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