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Travel in France
Paris Plus travel marketing
    Where the independent traveler to France wins!Visit and tour Paris
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Travel to Paris

Paris Plus Welcomes
You to Our France,
the quaint Country
Inns in Provence,
the Grandeur of
Normandy, the Wine,
The Cuisine. . . .

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Loire Castles Car & Driver Services

Flexibility and Adventure

- to be driven, in comfort and safety, IN YOUR RESERVED CAR,

- to travel both on the high roads and the low roads, down vale and up mountains, in the safe hands of professional drivers,

- to be taken to the right places, famous or otherwise, in the middle of big cities or well off the beaten track.


Looking and Learning

- To have the time and the possibility to enjoy everything around you as you listen to the commentaries and explanations given by your fluent English speaking expert driver-guide.

The advantages over other forms of transportation

- When everything becomes so much more easy and enjoyable, so that you come to travel each day relaxed and care-free, leaving the driving, the organizing and the navigation to us.

(Not for you the stress of a self-drive package where you have to deal with strange road conditions, falling out with your navigator, reaching your hotel late, tired, in a bad mood and to be told that the restaurant closed one hour ago and no, they have no more bread to make you any sandwiches!)

Convenience and trouble free travel

- Every day we take you from the front door of your hotel in the morning with the luggage already loaded, to the front door of your next hotel !

(Spare a kind thought for all those traveling by train, constantly handling luggage, coats, books, broken umbrellas, loading, unloading all those suitcases every time they have to change trains, living constantly with the fear that they are going to be late and miss that last train or yet again finding that the railway men have gone on strike without notice and they are left stranded without a hotel reservation in full festival season!)

Hotels and restaurants

- We will be happy to offer you our help and suggestions concerning the great variety of hotels and restaurants available undertaking bookings in your name.

Prices for Services

Sample Rates in US Dollars- Subject to final confirmation prices

1-2 Passengers in 1 Vehicle $690 Full Day for Vehicle/Driver-Guide
300 Kilometers included in Mercedes Benz, one medium-sized suitcase per person $400 1/2 Day for Vehicle/Driver-Guide
3-4  Passengers in 1 Vehicle $727 Full  Day for Vehicle/Driver-Guide
3-4 Passengers in 1 Vehicle $454 1/2 Day for Vehicle/Driver-Guide
5  Passengers in 1 Vehicle $763 Full Day for Vehicle/Driver-Guide
5  Passengers in 1 Vehicle $509 1/2 Day for Vehicle/Driver-Guide
6-8 Passengers in 1 Vehicle On Request (
Driver-Guide Overnight Expenses: (when more than 50 kilometers, 100 rt) at cost of
$157.00 per day/night away. Transfer charges, empty legs. meet and greet in other cities, road tolls, etc are variable. Please ask Paris Plus for an all exclusive rate for your proposed itinerary via email to: Subject: Loire Valley
Not included in above prices: Entrance fees to Castles, Museums, meals, hotels, any public transportation, and items of personal nature.

Payment: At time of confirmation of services, a deposit of 25% will be required. Full payment required 30 days prior to services being rendered.
Cancellation: Written requests for refund are required (email acceptable). Once under deposit, there is a cancellation fee, for whatever reason
(including medical) as follows:
$25.00 once under deposit to 29 days prior to services.
28-15 Days prior to service will be 25% of total
14-8 Days prior to service will be 50% of total
7-0 Days prior to service will be 100% of total
No-Shows = 100% Cancellation Fee


Paris Plus strongly recommends the purchase of trip cancellation/ trip interruption insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances, including Medical. Paris Plus or your local professional travel agent may provide such Insurance and we cannot stress the importance of protecting your travel dollars spent. Please view Insurance as an Investment-Not Luxury.



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