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January 8, 2001
Hazelton received the Chevalier of the National Order de Merit, bestowed by French President Jacques Chirac in 1996 for his accomplishments in promoting tourism for France.

Paris Plus' President & CEO, John Hazelton announced today the introduction of three exciting new go-as-you-please programs for France:

1) "Signposted Holidays" featuring 6, 7 or 9, 10 nights of pre-planned 2 & 3 star charme hotels of France included with a wide variety of car rentals the firm features. "The Signposted Holiday program allows our North American clientele the assurance of having all hotels pre-booked before embarking on their trip to France", stated Hazelton. The program provides clients with detailed suggested itinerary, easy to manage format (no more than 60 miles in a day) in five distinct regions of France, featuring:

  • Normandy & Brittany,
  • Castles of the Loire,
  • Dordogne & Périgord,
  • Provence & Cote d'Azur, and
  • The Burgundy Winding Roads.

    "Clients can visit each region at a reasonable pace and then extend their stay on for 2 or 3 extra nights in an adjoining region...the very best way to avoid 'drive burn-out' ", cites Hazelton...he ought to know as having just retired from Air France after 26 years as Marketing Sales Manager in Texas. " We saw too many travelers try and take on too much...they came back tired and almost forgot what they had enjoyed while in France" explains Hazelton. Prices from $315 per person; car + lodging. Travel agent's earn 12% commission on all Signposted Holidays.

    ~Bienvenue en France~
    Contact Paris Plus at 800-950-8673 for Reservations & Information.

2) "Hotelpass Voucher" features pre-paid 2 & 3 star hotel vouchers (minimum 3 nights) good at more than 400 hotels throughout all of France. Clients determine the number of nights and type of car they desire, reserve the first and perhaps second night and take off to France to uncover the splendors. " This program is designed for those travelers who want to explore France at their own pace...if they want five nights in one area, the open vouchers give them total flexibility; avoiding re-packing suitcases, reloading the vehicle each morning, etc...all of which can add stress to a great opportunity for France at its best," cites Hazelton . "We anticipate a lot of our travelers on this program enjoying golfing, fishing, wine tasting, bicycling, hiking...or perhaps even hiding-out from office phones back home.," he laughed. Weekly pricing starts at $274 per person, inclusive of hotels & car rental. All rooms feature direct dial phone, satellite TV, private bathroom and other amenities...and are located in city center to seaside resorts and everything in-between....

3) "B&B Open Roads" combines the depth of over 500 family homes...all with private bath, the warmth and hospitality of a proud tradition within France...the sharing of regional knowledge with their guests. Patterned after the Hotelpass program, clients take with them open vouchers for the number of nights desired while in France + their selected category of car rental. "Most of the guest quarters don't have private phones...however, this can be a blessing at times...and you can always find one ...if you just must make that important call back to the office...that is before you take on a leisurely round of golf nearby, " laughed Hazelton. Pricing starts $122 per person for a three night stay, Including car rental...a real bargain!

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