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Logis De France Pursues U.S. Market

Paul Stanton, Communications Director
972-490-9347 Fax: 972-490-9429
May 22, 2000

Logis De France Pursues U.S. Market
By Marilyn Green

NEW YORK -- Logis de France, combined with Logis Europe, is the largest hotel group in the world, and it is actively going after the segmented American market this year.

Founded in 1948 to save the village inns that were such an important part of the French community, Logis de France now represents 19 percent of all French hotels, with 3,650 properties. As of this year, it has segmented into hotels for families, accommodations featuring natural beauty and peace, and those that have unusual charm and character.

Each Logis de France property must be family run and located in a town of no more than 5,000 inhabitants. Often one of the owners is a chef, and the property has to pass rigorous annual evaluations of its rooms and cuisine. Properties average 19 rooms, and rates average $33.50-$48.50 per person, including breakfast.

Viva La Voucher

Logis de France has a voucher system, which enables agents to set up an itinerary or to offer a kind of go-as-you-please arrangement, with a rental car and a first-night reservation. The organization now has a Web site,  which is expected to increase North American sales.

John Hazelton, president and CEO of Paris-Plus-France Travel Marketing Network, said he has been selling Logis in two programs, one offering bed-and-breakfast and another providing MAP.

"These are great products, and business is increasing tremendously," he said. "When we first started offering them four years ago, most of the clients were Europeans living in the U.S. Now people want to see the real France and meet people who are gracious and very welcoming."

Hazelton said Paris-Plus-France offers trips from three nights' stays using the vouchers. The company plans to introduce a program later this summer packaging the inns together with car rental, booking the first night and providing clients with the full catalogue of properties, so they can do freewheeling vacations.

Likewise, Bruce Reichert, manager of Leisure Resource Tours, said that his company sells a great deal of the product. Reichert called the Logis product "gourmet B-and-Bs," but said that agents are asking only for fully reserved trips, not go-as-you-please. "Americans don't seem to want to wander so freely," he commented.

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